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Worn Teeth Gouverneur, NY

Although the teeth will show signs of wear as we age, worn and damaged teeth are often more than a cosmetic concern. They can be the symptom of an underlying dental problem such as a bite disorder that can even lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

Gouvernuer dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner has advanced training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems that can lead to teeth that become worn or damaged. Dr. Gardner will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your entire occlusal system, including the jaw joints, to look for signs of wear and instability that indicate a bite disorder or TMJ dysfunction.

Worn teeth can also be the result of tooth enamel erosion. Dr. Gardner works with patients to understand their overall physical health and how lifestyle habits or certain medical conditions may be adversely affecting oral health. If tooth enamel erosion is affecting the health of your teeth, Dr. Gardner will make personalized recommendations for oral hygiene and nutrition to help prevent further damage.

Treatment For Worn Teeth

Your treatment will depend on the root cause of your worn or damaged teeth. Dr. Gardner provides TMJ therapy for patients with a bite problem and restorative dentistry for addressing tooth damage. Treatment options can include:

Restoring your smile will provide lasting dental health and avoid the risk of tooth loss down the road. A comfortable and functional smile is an important part of a good quality of life.

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