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Teeth Whitening Gouverneur, NY

teeth whitening gouverneur, nyGouverneur cosmetic dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner offers teeth whitening for patients seeking a quick and economical smile makeover and a bright, white smile. Teeth naturally darken with age, and common lifestyle habits can often cause them to become yellow or stained.

Teeth whitening is quick, painless and provides a more youthful smile, boosting your sense of confidence in your overall appearance and encouraging you to share your smile more readily. A clean, white smile can offer important benefits for both dental health and quality of life:

  • A brighter looking smile can have an affect on both social and professional interaction;
  • Your cleaner, whiter smile can be the inspiration needed to maintain better oral health for the long term.

Teeth Whitening: What To Expect

Dr. Gardner will meet with to discuss your cosmetic goals and perform an examination of your dental health. He will recommend the appropriate treatment and go over expected results and how to best maintain your new, white smile. We offer Opalescence professional grade teeth whitening as either a take home or in office treatment, both of which are customized to your unique smile.

  • In office treatment: an in office teeth whitening treatment is generally completed in about one hour and is formulated and administered professionally to treat surface stains and stains within the tooth structure with minimal sensitivity. Dr. Gardner will recommend the appropriate concentration and monitor your treatment for maximum results.
  • Take home treatment: Dr. Gardner will take impressions of your teeth to create custom bleaching trays for the best possible results and reduced irritation of soft tissues. Your teeth will gradually whiten using the products chosen to best suit your needs.

Your bright, new smile can be lasting with periodic touch ups and proper dental care and good oral hygiene. Dr. Gardner will discuss the effects that certain lifestyle habits can have on your new white smile and make personalized recommendations to maintain your results.


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