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Porcelain Veneers Gouverneur, NY

Gouverneur, NY cosmetic dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner offers porcelain veneers for treating a wide range of cosmetic and dental health concerns. Porcelain veneers can improve the function and health of your teeth in addition to enhancing your natural smile, providing lasting results. Thin translucent shells made from high quality, durable and stain resistant ceramic material, porcelain veneers are custom made for your unique smile.

Porcelain veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry for a number of reasons including:

  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Repairing chipped or broken teeth
  • Covering stained or discolored teeth

In some cases, porcelain veneers can be used to correct the appearance of crooked or misshaped teeth and help you avoid orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Veneers: What To Expect

Porcelain veneer are a multi step procedure, beginning with a consultation with Dr. Gardner to discuss your dental health needs and cosmetic goals.

Preparation – At the initial visit, Dr. Gardner will prepare the tooth or teeth to accommodate the porcelain veneers. It will be necessary to remove a small amount of the natural tooth structure to allow adequate space for the porcelain veneers to fit inside your mouth. Impressions of the teeth will taken to be used in creating the porcelain veneers.
Final Fit & Cementation – Dr. Gardner may apply temporary teeth veneers, which are usually made of resin, to protect the teeth. The final porcelain veneers will be tried on your teeth and checked for comfort and esthetics. He will make any minor adjustments if needed before permanently bonding the porcelain veneers to the teeth.
After Care – Porcelain veneers require some special care. Dr. Gardner will review instructions with you and show you how to floss and brush the dental veneers. Routine dental care, including teeth cleanings and examinations are important to ensure long term health and proper fit.


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