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General Dentistry Q&A

Our general dental treatments offer more than routine care. General dental treatments help patients maintain their oral health. These treatments include root canals, fillings, family dental care, orthodontics, and oral cancer screenings. Routine dental care is an important part of general dentistry. Discover more about how we treat patients with general dentistry in our Gouverneur, NY dental office, and answer questions about treatment.

General Dentistry in Gouverneur, New York

General Dentistry in Gouverneur, NY

Read answers to commonly asked questions about general dental care:

What are the common signs of oral cancer?

At regular dental appointments, we look for signs of oral cancer. These include white or red patches on the inside of the mouth. Chronic mouth sores are also common. Patients with oral cancer also experience mouth pain, bad breath, and pain when swallowing.

Are root canals painful?

A root canal is no more painful than other routine dental surgeries. We use local anesthesia to numb the tooth or teeth.  Patients will need to take pain medication after their procedure, but once the tooth heals, they will no longer feel pain caused by a dental infection.

Do I need traditional or clear braces?

Traditional metal braces are best for patients who have multiple orthodontic problems such as an overbite, underbite, tooth gaps, or a crossbite. We recommend clear braces for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Metal braces use brackets and wires, while clear braces use aligners customized to each patient. We will examine your smile and take note of your orthodontic problems to choose the best treatment for your smile.

Why should you replace metal fillings with white fillings?

Traditional metal dental fillings can contain small amounts of mercury, which is toxic when inhaled in large amounts. These fillings can also crack and break over time. Additionally, metal fillings can expand and contract due to temperature. White fillings are made of tooth-colored composite material. This means that white fillings blend in with the shade of natural teeth. White dental fillings provide flexibility and can be stronger than metal fillings.

What treatments are a part of children’s dental care?

Several common treatments for children include sports mouthguards, sealants, and braces. Sports mouthguards cover the front of the teeth to protect them from injury or loss during contact sports. Wearing a custom, professionally made mouthguard protects children’s teeth and prevents the need for cosmetic or restorative care.

Dental sealants are coatings that we place on the back molars. The molars are most prone to problems like cavities because they can sometimes be difficult to clean. Sealants can last for many years, protecting the chewing surfaces of teeth. Orthodontics like braces can help children who have problems with crooked teeth, tooth gaps, and spacing or bite issues. Straightening the smile helps younger patients avoid problems that come with orthodontic issues, including decay and gum disease.

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