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Dental Implants & How They Benefit You

Dental implant graphic of 3D crown with screw in pinDental implants are the go to for replacement of missing teeth. With a wide range of benefits, dental implants allow for optimal oral health and can restore a smile both functionally and aesthetically. Gouverneur, NY restorative dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner offers full-service dental implants for the benefit of his patients.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Prevents Bone Loss & Gum Recission
Patients with missing teeth often develop additional oral health concerns due to the lack of oral stability caused by the missing tooth or teeth. Receding gums and bone loss are highly common side effects of missing teeth. Dental implants fuse with the bone structure stabilizing the jaw bone and gum line. Dental implants can also help keep teeth properly aligned and can prevent additional tooth loss and decay.

Secure An Ill Fitted Denture
Patients who wear dentures may experience slippage while speaking or eating. This can cause embarrassment and make patients feel self-conscious of their smiles. Dental implants can be used to permanently secure a denture for long term oral health and improved confidence. Implant secured dentures do not require special cleaning and maintenance like dentures.

Improve Natural Speech, Function, & Aesthetics
Dental implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth. The nature of the implant allows patients to enjoy a normal diet without food restrictions. Dental implants can restore almost full function to the bite and jaw. Dental implants are also natural looking and will seamlessly blend in with your smile for beautiful results.

Permanent Restoration
Dental implants are designed to be a permanent restoration for years of beautiful and comfortable smiles.With regular oral hygiene and biannual dental checkups, your dental implants should last a lifetime. Dental implants rely on healthy bone and gum tissue for long-term success, so regular brushing and flossing is important. However, implants require no additional maintenance and are highly durable and natural looking and feeling.

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If you are missing teeth you may consider inquiring about dental implants. Dr. Gardner is a highly trained and experienced restorative dentist providing comprehensive in-house dental implant services from the comfort of his Gouverneur, NY dentist office. Our compassionate and dedicated staff can help you restore your beautiful and healthy smile with personalized treatment planning. Contact our Gouverneur dentist office or schedule your consultation online to start your journey towards a better smile.


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