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Treat TMJ For A Healthy Smile

TMJ can be more than just a dental problem- it can make daily life uncomfortable and cause painful symptoms such as headaches, ear pain, jaw pain and tooth damage. Dr. Gardner offers the dentistry you need to get back a healthy, comfortable smile!

Why Treat TMJ?

Once a bite problem has been identified, it is important to treat it effectively as soon as possible. Leaving a dental problem such as TMJ untreated often results in tooth damage, jaw joint damage and even tooth loss. An uneven bite sets the stage for complex dental problems that also increase the incidence of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Restoring a healthy bite will have many lasting benefits!

Dr. Gardner will assess your dental health and make personalized treatment recommendations that will bring your bite into balance, relieving your symptoms and preventing future damage. He offers the dental services you need in the comfort of his Gouverneur family dental office, administered by a highly trained and dedicated staff.

In many cases, Dr. Gardner may recommend a custom mouth guard to stop teeth grinding, a common symptom of an uneven bite. A mouth guard is often the first step in reducing painful symptoms and re-establishing your dental health. In addition, he may recommend a restorative treatment to adjust the biting surfaces of the teeth for better alignment – or to repair damage. The end result will be a comfortable smile that enables you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and prevents the risk of additional dental problems down the road.

Ready for a better bite? If you have concerns about your dental health or experience any of the common symptoms of TMJ, come in for a consultation with Dr. Gardner in Gouverneur. He will work with you to ensure that your dentistry meets your dental health needs, cosmetic goals and personal budget.


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