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Set Your Child Up For Oral Health Success

Laughing 4 year old boyDid you know that more than 50% of first graders have a cavity? Gouverneur dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner can help keep your children’s smiles healthy, functional and cavity free. Dental care should begin at the first signs of tooth development. As your child’s first tooth emerges, you should make their first appointment to visit Dr. Gardner.

Set your child up for oral health success by helping them maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing properly are a great start. Dr. Gardner and our compassionate dental care team can offer you and your child some tips and tricks on brushing and flossing properly. At home dental care is the first defense against the development of complex dental health concerns.

Also make sure you schedule a visit to Dr. Gardner for oral health checkups at least twice a year. Dental cleanings can keep tooth decay at bay. Twice yearly oral health exams can help Dr. Gardner provide early diagnosis of complex oral health problems, which can allow for more effective and less expensive treatment options.

Diet is another huge factor in childhood cavity development. Children are now consuming more sugar in their diets than ever before. If your child drinks sugary fruit juice, try diluting it with water, or avoid it all together. If you child eats a sugary snack, make it a habit to brush right after. Eating a lot of raw vegetables and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help keep your children’s teeth and bodies healthy.

Dr. Gardner also offers dental sealants. This painfree and routine procedure can help keep tooth decay from developing on larger teeth as they erupt. Dr. Gardner will apply the sealant in the comfort of our Gouverneur family dentist office. Dental sealants will help prevent tartar and plaque from building up inside the grooves of their molars.

Our Gouverneur dentist office welcomes patients of all ages. We look forward to meeting you and your whole family! Dr. Gardner and our dental care team will make you feel right at home and start you on your way to enjoying the benefits of optimal oral health.


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