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Restore Your Bite With All-on-4 Implants

When you’re missing one or a few teeth, you could develop worsening dental conditions and bite problems. But if you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, your oral health is even more affected. With all-on-4 in Gouverneur, NY, you could restore your bite and improve your oral hygiene with minimal implant placement. Dental implants naturally have more benefits than other restoration options. By restoring your mouth with implant dentistry, you could improve your jaw strength and bite stability for better oral health.

all-on-4 in Gouverneur NY is a great way to restore your bite after missing multiple teeth

How All-on-4 in Gouverneur, NY, Works

Patients who are only missing one tooth often only need a single dental implant. But when multiple teeth are missing, multiple implants could be needed. However, you don’t need a one-to-one ratio of implants for missing teeth. Using strategic angle and placement, your dentist can often provide a restored bite with two, four, or six implants. The way the titanium posts are placed into your jawbone can help provide maximum efficiency and support with minimal surgical requirements.

The Restoration

The titanium posts of the implant only make up one-half of the restoration for your bite. The implants help provide jaw bone retention and stability. You’ll also need a restoration option to provide the pontics (fake teeth) used to complete your bite. For an all-on-4 restoration, most dentists will fabricate an implant-secured denture.

Unlike traditional dentures, all-on-4 treatment is more permanent. The denture is secured in place by the implants. This means most patients can experience fewer issues with the fit and stability of their denture.

Care and Maintenance

An implant-secured denture requires routine cleaning and maintenance to help increase its longevity. Patients will need to brush and clean their dentures just like they would a natural set of teeth. Patients also still need to visit their dentist regularly for hygiene appointments and exams. While the dentures are designed to withstand normal biting pressure, it’s also a good idea to avoid chewing on hard foods or surfaces.


While all-on-4 is a great restoration option, it may not be available for everyone. In order to be eligible for dental implants, patients need to have a healthy mouth and a strong jaw. Dental conditions such as gum disease or loss of bone density could affect your chances of getting an implant. However, if your dentist does notice any problems, pretreatment may be available. With successful periodontal therapy or bone grafting, you may be able to increase the odds of a successful implant placement.

If you’re missing teeth, it can be difficult to chew, talk, and care for your oral health properly. Dr. Nicholas Gardner provides implant restoration options for patients who are missing any number of teeth. Call us today at (315) 203-1772 to schedule a consultation and learn more about implant dentistry. After examining your bite, Dr. Gardner can help provide a unique treatment plan designed to restore your smile.


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