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How Dentists Treat Jaw Pain

Pain and discomfort can make it difficult to concentrate on your work, school, or family. And if you have jaw pain in Gouverneur, NY, it can be even harder to talk, eat, or sleep normally. Jaw disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, and identifying the root cause is often the first step in treatment. When visiting your dentist for jaw problems, a comprehensive exam could help them create a personalized treatment plan designed for your unique bite.

If you have jaw pain in Gouverneur, NY, it can be even harder to talk, eat, or sleep normally without prompt treatment.

Treatment Options for Jaw Pain in Gouverneur, NY

Many situations and dental conditions can lead to jaw pain. Patients who clench their teeth at night, for example, might experience pain or stiffness in the mornings. Patients who have malocclusion, on the other hand, might experience pain while eating or talking. And if you have TMJ or other jaw disorders, pain can occur frequently and at any time. Treatment for jaw discomfort or pain can look different depending on what causes it.

Custom Nightguard

Patients who suffer from grinding their teeth at night can often benefit from a custom nightguard. Nightguards are designed to help cushion the blow of biting. Not only could this help relieve tension in your jaw, but it also aims to protect your teeth as well. Constant clenching and grinding can wear down your tooth enamel, leaving you at a higher risk of damage or decay. Getting a custom nightguard could help you find relief from jaw pain while also preserving your natural teeth.


When our teeth aren’t in alignment, it’s not just our smile that’s affected. Crooked teeth can create an uneven pressure in our bite. This means that parts of your jaw may be working harder to help support your teeth when you chew or talk. Adjusting your smile and bite using orthodontic methods such as Invisalign could help provide better stability for your jaw. After treatment, it’s important to remember to wear your retainer regularly. Failure to do so could cause your teeth to shift back, creating more tension in your jaw.

Restorative Dentistry

Other dental conditions, such as missing teeth or excessive damage, could also cause issues with your bite. Gaps between teeth and damage can often have adverse effects on your jaw’s health. Restorative dentistry could help repair your bite and provide relief for your jaw. Treatment, such as dental implants, bridges, or crowns, can often restore your smile while improving your overall oral health.

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