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Dr. Gardner Volunteers : Foundacion de Dr. Garg

Gouverneur, NY dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner believes that everyone, everywhere, deserves quality and compassionate dental health care. In September of 2016, Dr. Gardner traveled to the Dominican Republic to volunteer his time at the Foundacion de Dr. Garg in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

Preparing For The Clinic

OR1_8217To prepare for his time spent in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Gardner participated in Dr. Arun Garg’s teaching program. Dr. Garg is based out of Miami, FL and runs advanced education programs in the United States to train dentist new to implant surgery. Dr. Garg gives dentists the tools and knowledge needed to perform implant surgeries on patients in the clinical setting. Dr. Gardner spent 8 days in lectures with Dr. Garg between Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL in May and June.

OR1_8867Dr. Gardner was accompanied by two of his former dental school mates, Dr. Chris Rebol and Dr. Scott Peele of Asheville, NC. Together, the three dentists prepared to travel to and perform implant surgeries in the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

Arriving In The Dominican Republic

On Wednesday, September 22, 2016, Dr. Gardner and his team arrived in the Dominican where they were greeted and escorted by three Dominican men who work for Dr. Garg’s foundation. Dr. Gardner settled into their modern hotel to prepare for the next day’s clinical work.

“I could spend a lifetime talking about the social injustices in our world, what was important about these three days is that EVERYONE got better. I learned a great deal about dentistry and myself. “ Dr. Gardner

Clinic Success

OR1_8528The days that followed were busy, filled with patients seeking dental care, mostly for missing teeth and associated complications. In total, about 30 dentists worked together that weekend to help the people of Santo Domingo. During Dr. Gardner’s trip, the Foundacion de Dr. Garg team completed around 30 advanced sinus and ridge surgeries and placed about 500 dental implants in 30 clinical hours.

“The patients treated are on the path to the replacement of a body part and the Foundacion de Dr Garg helped us both.” Dr. Gardner

The days were long, but the patients success made it worth it. Next week we will share some of Dr. Gardner’s experiences with his Dominican patients and look at how dental care can improve the quality of a life.


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