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Restore Your Smile

african man visiting dentistRestorative dentistry focuses on the treatment of dental concerns that compromise oral health. Dental fillings, dental crowns, bridges and dental implants all fall under restorative dentistry. Many adults will require restorative dentistry at some point in their life. Gouverneur, NY dentist Dr. Nicholas Gardner provides a range of restorative dental treatments for a comfortable and natural bite.

Restore Your Smile

Restorative dentistry can help restore your bite, repair damaged teeth, and improve your overall oral health. With the many advances in materials, technology, and technique Dr. Gardner is able to help patients maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible. If patients are missing teeth due to decay, injury or gum disease, Dr. Gardner can now replace lost teeth with natural looking dental implants that provide durable and functional results.

Dental fillings are one of the most common restorative dental procedures. Most patients will experience tooth decay at some point in their lives and if caught early, a simple dental filling can be used to treat minor to moderate tooth decay. Dental fillings can be color matched so that it does not detract from your natural smile. Dr. Gardner will first remove the decayed part of the tooth structure and will then replace it with either a metal amalgam or composite resin material.

Another common type of restoration for tooth decay are dental crowns. Dental crowns are used to treat moderate to severe tooth decay where the structure of the tooth has been compromised. In this procedure, the infected tooth is shaved down and a custom porcelain crown is fabricated to fit over the tooth. Dental crowns are permanent restoration that with proper care can last for many years.

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Our Gouverneur dentist office welcomes patients with advanced dental concerns. We offer comprehensive restorative dentistry so you can smile with confidence and improve your quality of life. Dr. Gardner has years of experience and has completed extensive training at The Dawson Academy in the field of complex and functional dental problems. Contact our dentist office to schedule a consultation or request one online.


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